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Fort Wayne Falcon chicks named

Three falcon chicks have been nesting on the top of the Indiana Michigan Power Center received identification bands along with their new names Wednesday.

Teens for Nature, a group whose members volunteer at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, had the honor of naming the chicks. The boys’ names are Ranger and Glenn, after astronaut John Glenn, and the girl’s name is Phoebe.

Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation was there to answer questions about the chicks. They are the Fort Wayne-based organization that has helped the Falcons at the building for more than two decades. John Castrale says the banding is important to better understand the birds and protect them.

"The restoration of the Midwest Peregrin Falcon is probably the best studied of any other restoration effort in the world because a lot of dedicated individuals band these birds every year, try to identify the adults, we know a tremendous amount and we’re always looking to learn something new," Castrale said.

The three chicks bring to the total number of falcons on the building to 55. This is the sixth consecutive year that Moxie and Jamie have produced chicks.


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