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Life’s Better here in Noble County

NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WPTA21) — It’s almost summer and that means it’s time once again to hit the road and explore all the fun that 21Country has to offer.

It’s hard to pass up a place that has plenty of outdoor fun along with great food to boot, which is why we paid a visit to Moose Lake Christian Craft Village.

“A lot of guests tell us that, they love having a place to go to that’s a really family-oriented place, cause there’s not a lot of places around like that,” Michael Jennings, Outside Operations Manager said.

You’ll find more than enough to keep you occupied for a whole afternoon, if not the whole day. Hit the beach for some swimming or paddle boating, and while you’re down by the lake, fish for some trophy-sized catfish and bass.

All that activity is sure to work up an appetite, and cafe moose has got you covered with some delicious dishes. The kids are sure to enjoy the wagon rides in the woods, but be careful…you never know what might be lurking in the forest.

From the general store to the cabins, everything feels inviting and carefree.

“The atmosphere here with everybody and the staff being so friendly, really connects with people and everybody really likes that connection. It’s kinda like a big family place here,” Jennings said.

There’s a lot to be said for connecting with nature too, especially when it involves getting close-up views of exotic animals. That’s what you’ll find at black pine animal sanctuary, just west of Albion.

“There’s a lot of species here that aren’t at other facilities around, and like I said before, it’s a very up-close, personal view with the animals where you can see them a lot closer than any other facility,” Kelsey Woosley, Lead Keeper said.

You can say hello to all your favorite feathered and furry creatures. And yes, that includes lions and tigers and bears. The needs of the animals come first at black pine, and a few are here for rehabilitation. Morale is high, and you can share those good vibes during a few events this season.

“We have our summer fest, in the summer, and that will feature enrichment to our animals as well as bubble baths for our big cats. And then we also have a roar ‘n’ snore event, that happens twice in the summer, and that’s where families can come and actually pitch a tent and spend the night with us here,” Woosley said.

Time well spent with friends and family or with animals. It’s what Moose Lake and Black Pine are all about.

Caleb Chevalier

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