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Students want school’s legacy to live on

Students at one elementary school are making sure the legacy lives on after it shuts its doors.

Lancaster Elementary School is closing its doors after 50 years, but students at the school are making sure the school will be remembered.

First graders at the school were moved to hear some people have to walk to get water and boil it before they can drink. They decided the best way to leave a legacy is to help those in need.

The students raised over $10,000 needed to dig a new well for people in need in Africa through the Goergie Badiel Foundation. The well will represent their school for decades.

"They said that if we can dig a well, they will put in a plaque that said Lancaster students built this. So that was pretty exciting," Jeanne Paff, a former Lancaster Teacher said. "It took the help of lots of people in the community, but the 1st graders started it, and if 6-year-olds say, we gotta do this then anything is possible! Even when grown-ups say it isn’t."

The first graders started raising money just in their class then reached out to fellow students, businesses and churches to raise the rest. People can help out with the fundraiser by visiting the Lancaster Leaves a Legacy Gofundme.


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