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April Tinsley’s mom says suspected killer “Will get what he deserves.”

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) – “I would like him to explain himself.” April Tinsley’s mother Janet wants to know why, why anyone would abduct, rape, and murder her daughter.

Three decades of waiting for answers, Janet says hearing the news left her speechless.

“I was shocked, but then again I was happy.”

Happy, that John D. Miller is behind bars.

“It’s like you got that chill feel that goes from the top of your head down your toes. You want to believe it, but then you can’t believe it, it’s been so long.”

As for what she hopes happens to Miller.

“I’m not sure what he should get, but I am sure he will get what he deserves.”

While Janet was sharing with us, what she was thinking. Neighbors from nearby were getting emotional as well, they later shared what they were thinking.

“If he gets the death penalty, they should let her be the one that gets to pull the switch,” Sally Berger who lives near April’s garden wasn’t holding back.

White butterflies have come to represent April’s spirit at the memorial. and while we were there, we saw one flying around.

“It could have been anybody’s child, but why April. Her big brown eyes lit up the neighborhood,” Tina Zimmerman who says her daughter used to play with April.

She hopes the Tinsley’s get some peace.

“Janet needs to know, your daughter is resting at ease now.”

Janet knows other families are going through the same thing, praying and hoping for a break in their cases.

Saying he hopes they get that same satisfaction, “Once this is all said and done, yeah everybody needs to rally around someone else.”


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