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Post Doctoral

“I do like beauty,: says painter Fred Doloresco. “By beauty I mean the beauty of the world.”

For decades Fred Doloresco’s been one of Fort Wayne’s premier cardiologists. But Doloresco’s also perhaps the foremost impressionist painter in the state of Indiana.

“When I go out to paint I really fell like I”m actually communicating with God,” he says. “I’m appreciating what He’s given to me and what He’s put here on this earth.”

For 40 years Doloresco alternated between medicine and art and with little formal art training..he’s essentially self-taught…his ability to capture light and his obvious affection for the world and all that’s in it produces images that are warm and comfortable and compelling.

“He has a way of really presenting shadows he has a way of presenting light,” says Jody Hemphill Smith, owner of Fort Wayne’s Castle Gallery which sells Doloresco’s work.

“He has a real passion for what he decides to really get into,” says Hemphill Smith. “It might be doing open heart surgery or it might be with a brush. Whatever he’s doing he’s trying to get it to come out and talk to you and that’s a gift.”

“I’m not Picasso I’m not pushing a style of painting that’s never been done before, that’s not what I’m interested in,” says Doloresco. “But I am interested in catching a piece of beauty that no one had yet appreciated.”

As a physician, a scientist, Doloresco dealt in fact and almost rigid procedure. His art has been a refuge from that he says, pulling his attention in another direction toward another side of life he finds equally fascinating.

“I know so many people who’ve done one thing in their life…doctor, lawyer.,” he says. “I feel everyday I get up I’m going to do something that nobody else has done, no one has ever done the painting that I’m doing today. ‘How much longer you gonna do this how much longer you gonna paint?’ we ask. “I’m gonna die with a paint brush in his hand, he responds. “I’m addicted to art there’s no doubt about that.”


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