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Boyfriend of woman convicted for trying to kill toddler faces charges

The boyfriend of the woman police say tried to poison her infant niece is facing charges in connection with the case.

ABC21 previously reported 19-year old Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda pleaded guilty to attempted murder after police say tried to poison her infant niece by crushing-up over-the-counter pain reliever, and putting it into the child’s breast milk. We are told there were enough drugs in the milk to kill an adult.

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Rodriguez-Miranda’s boyfriend Sir Marshall Snyder III, also known as Marshall Snyder, was arrested earlier in August in connection with the case. Court documents indicate Snyder discussed ways to kill the infant with Miranda through Facebook messaging. Police were able to get search warrants for Snyder and Rodriguez-Miranda’s Facebook accounts and reviewed conversations between the two.

In the messages, the court documents indicate Rodriguez-Miranda told Snyder she would like for the baby to die or be taken away by CPS. Snyder reportedly encouraged Rodriguez-Miranda to get a knife to use on her brother. The conversation progressed with the two reportedly discussing how much painkillers or sleeping pills it would take to kill the baby.

After trying to kill the child, the court documents indicate Rodriguez-Miranda and Snyder left the state. That is when the warrant for attempted murder was issued against Rodriguez-Miranda.

Snyder was arrested on August 7 and charged with aiding an attempted murder. 


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