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Kristine Putt

Kristine Putt chose to focus on a career in advertising because she was fascinated by the psychology and creativity that it takes to create a compelling advertising campaign for a product or service.  She learned how much this really ignited her creative side, during her marketing classes in college.  Kristine says that even after twenty-five years in the business, it’s still exciting, especially with the digital components that  add to the effectiveness of her clients’ campaigns.  She helps her clients, both large and small achieve their goals year after year.

Kristine earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business at Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne.  She put her degree to good use during her three years selling radio advertising plans right after college.  “Theatre of the Mind”, as it’s called when creating radio ads, really helped her stretch her creative muscles and develop a good working knowledge of her clients’ industry.  She joined the team of WPTA in 1991, and says that finding great solutions to the ever changing landscape of marketing provides opportunity for individual as well as professional growth. It’s a delicate balance between continuing to use some of the tried and true principles, along with the new tools that help her clients be more competitive.

The most-gratifying part of her career has been developing long term relationships, and building trust.  Knowing that my clients trust my recommendations and allow me to place them in the right programs at the right time, with the right creative, including digital tools make it all worth the hard work, patience and time.

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