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Hot start to October: September recap and October outlook

September recap

You’ll probably remember this September as an extension of summer, and rightly so. With a mean temperature (average of highs and lows) near 70°, this month will go down as the 8th hottest September on record. High temperatures this month averaged near 79°. But it was really the humidity that made the weather feel oppressive. Despite the muggy feel, rainfall came infrequently, and monthly precipitation ended up 1.15″ below normal. Some of you loved the heat and others despised it. Either way, warm weather will continue through the start of October.

October outlook

Temperatures already started to soar today, and highs in Fort Wayne peaked at 82°! If you use the weather app that came with your phone, you’re probably wondering why it only expected highs in the 60s or 70s. The answer comes in the form of “model bias.” Computer models, which predict weather conditions using a complex series of mathematical equations, have not handed the heat very well. In fact, most models have ranged 6 to 8 whole degrees below actual temperatures, meaning your generic weather app probably also missed by that much. Download the Storm Team Weather app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store for custom forecasts from the ABC21 weather team.

Temperature wise, the start of October will deliver a “blowtorch” pattern across the eastern United States, bringing warm and humid weather. For us, that means high temperatures frequently in the 80s and sometimes in the 70s.

The start of the month will also feature above normal rainfall. The most active storm track will deliver heavy rain to the Great Plains, but Indiana and Ohio will still see a wetter start to October.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and make the most of whatever weather comes your way!

☼ Meteorologist John Burchfield

Matt Leach

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