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Parents meet with FWCS district on new curriculum change

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Parents meet with the Fort Wayne Community School (FWCS) district to discuss the new curriculum change being taught.

The Fort Wayne Community School district hosted a meet and greet with Superintendent Dr. Wendy Robinson.

We stopped by the meeting, but school officials ‘refused’ to let us in with our cameras.

So we spoke with parents after the meeting, with many sharing similar concerns.They all want to make sure the new curriculum is implemented properly and that their kids are not left behind.

‪New curriculum change for FWCS District! School officials say changes include students will no longer have to read…

Posted by ABC21 WPTA on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Since the beginning of the school year, school officials say all teachers are now focusing their lessons to develop students around areas such as soft skills, citizenship, character building, collaboration and more.

All traits school officials say will help prepare students for college and future employers.

Around 70 parents and teachers who are also parents of students attended the meeting and discussed the changes.

School officials say the meeting included a 30-minute presentation to explain the new curriculum and was followed by a Q&A where parents asked questions about the changes.

Parents meet with Fort Wayne Community School (FWCS) district to discuss concerns around new curriculum
Parents meet with Fort Wayne Community School (FWCS) district to discuss concerns around new curriculum

We spoke with parents outside the meeting. They tell us they’re open to change, but they want to make sure those changes are being made carefully so that their children can succeed.

“I think it’s on it’s way to a good path” Ashley Imel, parent of an FWCS student, says. “I do think there need to be changes because a lot of students in our district need to get to where they’re going and I feel like they’re trying to make that pathway.”

“I definitely think it’s a good thing. Maybe we get through this first year of changes, there could be more changes to come and that’s expected” Misty Zent, parent of an FWCS student, says. “But always changing and always looking at it and always going back and revisiting, I think that’s the goal and I think that’s what they’re trying to do here.”

School officials told us that while students are not required to read books from start to finish, it is up to the teacher to decide what is best for their students.

School officials also say this will help teachers cater to each student’s learning experience.


Louie Tran

Louie Tran is the weekend anchor for Fort Wayne’s NBC at 6 and 11pm and a weekday general assignment reporter. To share story ideas, please email him at

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