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Shoppers and employees react differently to news of new road to be built at Jefferson Pointe

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Shoppers and employees react differently to news of a new road to be built at Jefferson Pointe.

The plans passed another hurdle at the Fort Wayne Planning Commission. However, there’s still a ways to go before it’s approved.

The owners of the outdoor mall have changes in mind that they hope shoppers will like. They want the city to give them the go-ahead to build a new street through the center of the shopping center, an around-about around the fountain as well as adding 30 new interior store-front parking spaces.

The city tells us since no one objected to the project at Monday’s plan commission meeting, they say the project will move on to the city’s next public meeting to further discuss the details of the change.

They tell us for all public and private commercial real estate projects, the city must make sure the plans meet city requirements.

Shoppers and employees react to news of new road to be built at Jefferson PointeWe talked with shoppers and employees Monday to see if they’re open to change.

Heaven’Arielle Camacho works in the area and says a new street isn’t at the top of her priority list. Instead, she has other changes she’d like to see.

“More things like little cafe shops, I know Starbucks is the place, but I think they should put little businesses that are owned,” Camacho, said. “I see a lot of places being empty and they are keeping that space just because, but definitely should have more stuff to be more welcoming like the mall.”

For others, the new street could be a game-changer.

“It will make it easier for us to find a space,” Kyle Trischler said. “Easier access to our workplace.“

“I think it’s nice because if you have small children, you have to get all the stroller and car seats and walk to grab a cup a coffee so it will be nice to pull up closer,” Jessica Garrison said.

That’s the idea the owners have in mind. By getting you closer to the stores, they hope you’ll come shop more often.

We were told that all of the seasonal events and decorations should remain the same if the new road is built.

Louie Tran

Louie Tran is a multimedia journalist for WPTA.

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