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FREMONT, Ind. (WPTA21)-Fremont, Indiana is Middle America, quaint, historic. patriotic. The very definition of small town life but with some big town amenities.

Libraries have history they have current events they have politics they have literature,” says librarian Sherrie Ambrose.

You’ll search long and hard, even in the big city to find anything like the Fremont Public Library, a facility not just for checking out books but one that caters to the changing needs of a modern, growing community. You’ll find the usual library fare, books, an impressive bank of computers, CD’s, DVD’s…all housed in impressive modern architecture gilded with works of art. And reading nooks that rival a warm, comfortable living room. But there is much more here for patrons than you’d expect.

In order to stay around and be valued by people we need to do more than just hold books,” says Ambrose.

Sherrie ambrosia is the libraries associate director.

You really need to look at the community first and go with what they need,” she says, “and then see how you can help with that need.”

This library takes a special interest in kids with a huge children’s section with books just for fun but also books that help youngsters understand how their country was born, how it grew. Its trials and tribulations. Even its mistakes. The teen section is equally impressive but it’s the level of community involvement that really stands out. Public programs, outdoor activities like the pumpkin trail, and lots of perks; meditation classes, yoga classes, painting classes, book club. Belly dancing anyone? All programs free of charge. And perhaps most importantly, a relentless outreach to children encouraging their passion for learning.

At the end of the school year we bring the school kids over here so that they can see the library, remember that it’s here and keep reading during the summer,” says Ambrose.

In an age of iPhones, computers and social media the Fremont Public Library is as relevant today is libraries were a century ago, keeping up with the times, making better citizens, a better community and always with a very sharp eye on tomorrow.

Eric Olson

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