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‘Young Entrepreneur’ of the month: Davonta Beckham

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) —  Each month, ABC 21 partners with Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana to showcase ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ in our area.

For November, we introduced Davonta Beckham, 23, a student at Indiana Tech. His business is called Art of Beckham.

Davonta became an artist at a young age. It started as a hobby, but then became something more.

“Art is a language. Art is a way of communicating, and I was like ‘I want a piece of this. I want to share something with the world. I want to share something that I feel inside of me and see if I can get people to relate to it and care about it, and that was my first mission,” said Beckham.

He created four characters which became the focus of Art of Beckham. They are: Idea the light bulb, Dream the cloud, Knox the box, and The Frosters, a family of doughnuts. Each, having its own special meaning.

“How can I create inspirational messages, inspirational art, and just give the characters their own voice,” said Beckham.

Davonta markets the characters online on his own website as well as social media. He gives clients the opportunity to come up with an idea or story, and then he creates their message with his characters.

“I think I’m learning a lot. How to get them to the website, how to get them to go research the characters and see what the characters are about,” said Beckham.

He recently made several posters that are now hanging at Wayne High School. For the past few years, he’s been working on and perfecting a children’s book featuring the characters.

“It’s about Idea and Dream becoming themselves. It’s about trust. It’s about taking the risks that we all have to take. It’s about falling, but trusting that you can fly,” said Beckham.

Davonta says he hopes to see his business expand. He believes the voices his characters have should be heard by as many people as possible.

“I don’t want to put a limit to it. I don’t want to put a ceiling on it. I just want to continue to have fun and get the business tighter and see it grow,” said Beckham.

Rex Smith

Rex is the Weekend Morning Anchor at ABC 21.
Follow Rex on Twitter and like his Facebook page: @RexSmithTV

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