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Links Wonderland shooting suspect accused of battering wife while out on bond

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – A shooting suspect facing attempted murder charges for his role in that crime is now accused of battering his wife while he was out on bail.

Gabriel A. Hicks, 30, is facing new felony battery and strangulation charges for an attack on his wife while he was out on bond on Dec. 22, 2018.

Gabriel Hicks, 30, is already facing two charges of attempted murder and being a habitual offender for his alleged role in a shooting at Links Wonderland earlier this year.

Two men were critically hurt at that East Creighton Avenue breakfast spot on Sept. 21. Both victims in that shooting remain hospitalized.

He posted bond on Nov. 19, and while he was out, prosecutors say he tried to strangle his wife of 3-months and hit her during an argument in a car on Dec. 22, court documents detail.

Now, he’s facing felony strangulation and domestic battery charges for an unrelated attack on Dec. 22.

When police were called, they found the victim with a black eye, a fat cut lip, strangulation marks, a bloody ear, and her face was swollen all over.

She told officers that she and Hicks were on their way home from the bar when they got into an argument over a past relationship.

Hicks told her he couldn’t trust her, accused her of cheating, and then grabbed her by the throat and started choking her with two hands, court documents say.

The victim told police she almost lost consciousness and wasn’t able to breathe.

That’s when he reportedly let go, and started punching her repeatedly, she told police.

She told officers at one point, she tried to get out of the car, but he grabbed her and continued hitting her.

The victim estimated Hicks hit her about 20 times, and choked her twice.

Hicks has a hearing on Dec. 31 for his felony domestic battery and strangulation charge.

His next hearing for the attempted murder charge related to the shooting incident is set for Feb. 15, 2019.

This isn’t the first time Hicks has been accused of battering someone.

Hicks has a history of domestic violence, court records show: he was convicted of strangulation in 2009 and 2014.

Kayla Crandall

Kayla Crandall is an Emmy award-winning journalist. She serves as the Social Media and Digital Content Manager at WPTA. Follow her on Twitter @KaylerJayne.

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