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Court Docs: woman uses job at Kohls for credit card fraud

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — A woman faces preliminary charges after police say she passed off credit card information to an accomplice, who used them to buy gift cards.

The arrest comes after Kohl’s loss prevention noticed several transactions linked to suspicious accounts. Corporate called customers, finding they did not authorize the transactions.

Surveillance video shows customers entering Niakia Baker’s line. Shortly after, Baker would text on her phone. A man would come into the store to her register, buying gift cards with the Kohl’s Credit Card numbers of customers who had come through Baker’s line.

The man would later make purchases with some of the gift cards. Police say Baker and another woman would also sometimes use some of the gift cards. Baker would also get Kohl’s Cash from the purchases and spend that. The total loss has reached over $1,000.

The loss prevention employee told police Baker was interviewed at the store and admitted to the credit card information theft. However, when police interviewed Baker she denied using credit cards without the owner’s permission.

The court documents state Baker told police that people would bring her cards to use and she hinted that she knew it was wrong. She told police she didn’t admit to anything in the store interview and it was her word against hers.

Baker was preliminarily charged with credit card fraud and theft.

Jacob Burbrink

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