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A New Light

GRABILL, IND. (WPTA21)-It’s the second fastest growing boutique home craft in the country, only home beer brewing beats it; candle making, mixing and matching aromas, colors, containers. All the choice of the candle maker. And now the craft is fast becoming a profitable business.

Welcome to Grabill Indiana’s newest business, Cedar Creek Candles, a one of a kind shop offering all sorts of goodies to pamper the body and the senses. Sherrie Lairson and daughters Samantha and Alex opened the store in October but they are not new to the business. The Lairsons have been selling their homemade candles at local festivals since 1999 so they are well known around Northeast Indiana making opening their store far less risky than you might think.

I didn’t really think of was gonna be a gamble,” says Samantha Lairson, “because we already have a client base established we make candles for other companies we do wholesaling.”

The Lairson’s make all the candles they sell, any fragrance, color and shape you can imagine. And all made with natural ingredients like soy wax, a byproduct of soybeans and much more healthy and aromatic than paraffin wax, a byproduct of gasoline. Homemade soaps, homemade jams and jellies and honey also line the shelves along with a clever array of home decor, decorations and signs. And some great gift ideas. And shortly cedar creek candles will offer do-it-yourself candle making classes upstairs that sound like a lot of fun.

You would bring what you want to drink as far as like wine or champagne,” says Samantha Lairson, “and then we provide the snacks and the candles you can kind of sniff and figure out which fragrance you want to pair together and what you want your candle to look like.”

Cedar Creek Candles is doing quite well for being open just three months but there is much more behind this store than what you see on the shelves; twenty years of doing business around the region, decades of candle making at home and a savvy mother and daughters team enjoying the sweet smell of family success. Eric Olson reporting for your story made here.

Eric Olson

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