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DIGGING DEEPER: State lawmaker wants bigger funeral payout when workers die on the job

INDIANAPOLIS (WPTA21) – In an Indiana House Labor Committee meeting Tuesday morning, State Rep. Martin Carbaugh suggested an amendment to a worker’s compensation bill (HB 1182). The amendment would raise the funeral payout should a worker die on the job.

Right now, if an employee is killed at work, their employer must cover the funeral up to $7,500. Carbaugh thinks companies should pay more.

“I’d like to see us look at raising that to $25,000,” said Carbaugh. “It’s been a while since we set that limit. And funerals these days can exceed $7,500 pretty easily.”

State Rep. Matt Lehman authored the worker’s comp bill that Carbaugh wants to amend. After Lehman expressed concerns about the fiscal impact of raising the funeral payout, the committee chair tabled a vote on Carbaugh’s amendment until next week.

Alexis Shear

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