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Coldest air in many years could drag wind chill close to -40º next week

Back in December, I published a blog post detailing how January would slowly, but surely turn much colder thanks to cold air displacement (polar vortex) to our north. Sure enough, three weeks later, this cold air is spilling southward and will encompass the entire region with two waves of cold air, the last being more brutal than the first.

Overnight lows will fall into the single digits tonight, but a gusty west wind will make it feel like -15 to -25º below zero. Therefore, the National Weather Service has issued a Wind Chill Advisory in effect until 1 pm Friday.

Please try to limit outdoor activities through Friday afternoon if you can!


The largest pool of cold air we have seen in years will swing through our area midweek next week. This will bring high temperatures down between -5º and 5º and low temperatures between -10º and -20º. Of course, more snow pack would increase the chances of us getting colder.

What I am most concerned about is the potential for dangerous wind chills. If we manage to a) get a little more snow, b) tap into the coldest air and c) get even a 10-20 mph wind, we could easily see wind chills approaching or exceeding -40º. That is forty below zero! In those conditions, hypothermia could set in within about 10 minutes.

Please stay tuned over the next several days as this could be the coldest air we have seen in quite some time.

Matt Leach

ABC21 Chief Meteorologist

Facebook: Matt Leach – ABC21 Weather

Twitter: @WxMatt1

Matt Leach

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