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Frozen pipes affect dozens of area homeowners

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WPTA21) — The cold temperatures are causing problems in some homes across the area.
We caught up with a plumber who went to work on his day off because there were so many calls about frozen pipes.

“Learned the hard way, so definitely going to leave it on from here on out,” Parker Cade says.

Cade wasn’t the only one who woke up to frozen pipes in this record-breaking cold.

He thought he’d taken enough precautions to prevent it.

“I just ran all faucets for just a little bit on hot water and then opened up all the bottom cabinet doors, and then cranked the heat up just a couple more degrees and try to stay warm. But it didn’t help over here? It did not help over here,” Cade says.

Because his PEX water pipes for the master bath run along the outside wall of his home, his shower wouldn’t work even though he had running water from other taps.

Plumber Mike Yereb was supposed to have today off.

“School was canceled, daycare was canceled, so I was home with my daughter and luckily enough my wife was able to come home early, so I decided to help out and see if Korte needed help. And sure enough, they did,” Yereb says.

Korte plumbers responded to at least eight calls about frozen pipes.

“The first thing, most important, is to make sure that you know where your main shutoff is. Because if the water lines are frozen then they decide to thaw, there could be a break. So it’s definitely important to know where your main shutoff is,” he says.

As for extra damage from the frozen pipe or line, he says it depends what yours is made of.

“Sometimes the material is more forgiving and we can get lucky and there’s no sort of leakage. And then there’s times where we notice there’s a split and it’s causing water damage and we’ll have to make a replacement,” Yereb says.

He says you should open cabinets to allow heat to circulate around pipes on an outer wall, but then take an extra step.

“Running a little bit of water, keeping that water moving, will definitely help, as well,” Yereb says.

He says a slightly higher water bill will cost less than any water damage from a burst pipe.

By the way, a callout and repair for a basic frozen water line will run you about $400, and you will have to repair any walls that had to be opened.

Corinne Rose

Corinne Rose is a reporter for WPTA.

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