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Proposed law aims at taking phones out of driver’s hands

INDIANAPOLIS (WPTA21) — A proposed bill would push Indiana to become a “hands-free” state for motorists.

House Bill 1340 focuses on motor vehicle safety. One of the elements amends regulations about using a cell phone while driving.

The amended regulation would prohibit holding or handing an electronic communications device or viewing, recording or broadcasting images or video while operating a motor vehicle.

If a driver is caught using a cellphone, they would face a Class C infraction. The proposed legislation would not apply to drivers using cellphones for the sole purpose of communicating with emergency personnel about an emergency.

It would also not apply to using cellphones through a headset or earpiece, devices designed to be worn on the wrist and capable of being used to conduct a hands-free voice communication. or voice recognition technology to send a message. Drivers can still use cell phones while parked on the shoulder or in park.

The proposed legislation would not apply to law enforcement while they are working in plainclothes or undercover capacity or responding to an emergency.

You can read the full details here.

Jacob Burbrink

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