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Waitress’s viral video calls out customer she says wrote gay slur on receipt

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — A local waitress responds to a customer after she says he wrote a gay slur on the check for his meal.
And she says she never expected the response she’s received.
“I just want to share an experience I had at work,” Michele Crider says in her Facebook video.
Single mom Crider worked a lunch shift Tuesday at the Dash-In restaurant, and thought the two men at one of her tables weren’t very friendly.
But she was stunned when she says one of them paid the check with cash and wrote on it “I don’t tip gays,” but used a slur instead.
“That was just a really low blow, and I have not experienced something like that,” Crider tells us.
She was crushed.
“Have your own beliefs but you don’t have to say, just don’t tip me,” she says.
But she was determined not to let the man’s rudeness define her day.
She posted a video on Facebook calling him out and telling him that love is stronger than his hate.
In less than 24 hours, that video has been seen more than 150,000 times, and has generated more than a thousand messages of support.
“I started receiving messages from people from somebody from Alaska and somebody from Arizona, and they’re just saying ‘You’re so inspirational. I love that you turned a negative thing into a positive,'” Crider says.
She says her Dash-In work family showered her with hugs and support, and within minutes, even got her a bouquet of flowers.
Word about what happened is spreading.
“Today we have been getting lots and lots of phone calls. people dropping off gifts, people dropping off money, wanting to give Michele the tips she deserves, and just people wanting to show their support,” says Dash-In owner Emily Underwood.
“I cannot believe you would victimize someone just because of the way they look, and not tip someone, and say something so awful to just a human being. Everyone’s just a person,” customer Morgan Lenwell says.
“I think everyone deserves love, everyone deserves respect. And to come to someone’s workplace when they’re working really hard to survive and to just not tip them over something like that is just incredibly appalling,” customer Chelsea Gerardot adds.
Downtown Improvement District president Bill Brown is a regular at Dash-In.
He says the incident shouldn’t cast a shadow over Fort Wayne.
“It’s a terrible thing. I think what we’re finding in our community, especially with the outpouring on Facebook, etc. that this kind of activity doesn’t stand. People reject it,” Brown says.
Crider hopes the rude customer has seen her viral video by now.
The Dash-In owner says she found the man on the restaurant’s surveillance video, and that he will not be welcome there again.

Corinne Rose

Corinne Rose is a reporter for WPTA.

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