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Got Milk?

HUNTINGTON, IND. (WPTA21)-It was a mainstay of Huntington, Indiana’s south side for a hundred years, the Fulton Milk Company, buying raw milk from local farmers, processing and delivering it to customers doorsteps. So successful in 1949 the little dairy built a new Art Deco style bottling plant. Fulton Milk is long gone, but the company left behind a very classy calling card.

“It just had the look that said this could really be a great building again both inside and out,” says building owner Matt Wilcox. “I think it’s a great addition to the south side of Huntington that we brought it back.”

Today the Fulton building shines again, its unique portal windows rebuilt, beautiful glazed brick gleaming outside and in. It’s now home to Matt Wilcox’s business, Apollocaster, maker of caster wheels for furniture, delivery carts and heavy duty applications. Matt and partner John Metzger assemble the products and ship to all fifty states and twenty-seven foreign countries, all from a building once destined to be demolished. And one Matt Wilcox says has more class and character than any new metal building he could have bought.

“The quarry stone floor and the glazed bricks, once we got the grime cleaned off of those and cleaned up the windows so the sun could shine in the place just lights up it’s a beautiful place inside,” he says.

The floor plan hasn’t changed but Wilcox remodeled it for a new bathroom and office space, a new kitchen and break room and lots of storage. Wilcox says he now has room to bring in more stock and ship out more orders, thanks to a re-purposed building whose rebirth injected new life into a growing small business, and gave back to this neighborhood and this town a chapter of its historic legacy. Eric Olson reporting out in 21 Country.

Eric Olson

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