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Fixer Upper

HUNTERTOWN, IND. (WPTATV)-Before it morphed into a bedroom community for fort Wayne Huntertown, Indiana was its own bustling center of commerce with banks, stores, churches and fine homes built by the towns movers and shakers. Founded by William T. Hunter Huntertown was initially called ‘The Opening’ because it grew up in a natural forest clearing on the edge of the primeval forest. But William Hunter changed all that and in 1830 built himself a magnificent Italianate home, the pride of its owner and of the settlement named for him.

“It’s going to pretty much need a little bit of everything,” observes realtor James Fanger.

The Hunter house still stands on Hunter Street looking much as it did nearly two hundred years ago and its survival makes this timber frame home a rarity in 21 Country. Converted into a duplex years ago it still sports original plank flooring, original doors, antique amenities like built in corner cabinates and original wainscoting. The home stands on a huge double lot and this magnificent residence can be bought right now for under forty thousand dollars. It needs work.

“We’re looking at heating, cooling, windows, obviously the roof is tarped,” say Fanger. ‘So it’s really kind of a blank slate for some young family, isn’t it?’ we ask. “That’s right get an idea and start writing checks.”

Many of its large rooms are habitable, others are not. But this historic home, one of the oldest in northern Indiana, could again shine like new, resume its place as the pride and joy of the town named for the man who built it and continue to tell its story of the little settlement in the clearing that survives and thrives out in 21 Country.

Eric Olson

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