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Starbucks to change rewards program

(CNN)– Starbucks is making changes to its membership program.

Starting next month, rewards members in the US and Canada can start collecting rewards quicker. They’ll also have more choices when redeeming stars.

This new system also allows customers to get different prizes for different amounts of stars. In the new system, customers can get an extra shot or a pump of vanilla for 25 stars. They can also get a hot brewed coffee, butter croissant or an iced lemon loaf cake for 50 stars.

Members order a drink how they want it for 150 stars or get a salad or sandwich for 200 stars. The program will not be limited to food. Starbucks says members can get a bag of coffee, tumbler or select merchandise for 400 stars.

The new changes begin on April 16th.

There are more than 16-million members in Starbucks’ program. Its membership has risen more than 25-percent over the past two years.

Jacob Burbrink

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