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Extended stay motel battling sewer problem requires residents to evacuate

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Residents of the Hoosier Inn on Fort Wayne’s northwest side have been forced out of their homes short-term.

Management told them they’d have to leave until a sanitation concern gets fixed.

Despite efforts to address the problem, the re-location is causing a hardship for some of the motel’s tenants.

The Hoosier Inn on West Coliseum Boulevard, in the short run, feels a little like a ghost town.

Over the week-end, the owner told the roughly 25 remaining residents they had to move out til further notice.

“It’s nice to have a place to go to, but it’s not my home,” said Richard Snow, who is one of the residents required to seek shelter somewhere else.

Snow took a portion of his refunded rent from Hoosier Inn, and paid a higher rate for a week’s stay at The Economy Inn right across the street–it involves cash he doesn’t have.

“They’re charging me $240.00 a week to stay here, to where I was paying monthly over there,” Snow said.

“A lot of these people they didn’t have nobody to move them. We had some residents just doing moving, you need help moving, load my car up, here it is,” said Donald Howell, another Hoosier Inn resident.

We’re told a leak in a sewer line impacted both water and sewer service for the housing complex.

Residents have only been able to use water during designated times of the day.

Owner Naresh Khatana hired a contractor to repair the line.

The work was going on mid-day Monday.

The City of Fort Wayne had given the owner of the Hoosier Inn a seven-day window to get the sewage problem fixed or face a condemnation order.

A statement provided by the city of Fort Wayne Community Development Department reads, in part, “Our officer is scheduled to inspect the property again on April 22 and if, at that time, water and sewer services are not restored, then Neighborhood Code Compliance would condemn the property and the condemnation would not be lifted until the issues were resolved.”

Khatana didn’t wait for condemnation to move residents out.

Some of the displaced tenants support how management has handled the situation.

“They’re out there fixing it, you know, so, the manager is doing what he can, it’s not his fault this happened,” said resident Amanda Setser.

The owner said he expects the sewer line repairs to be wrapped up by Wednesday.

If and when the situation is corrected, he says residents will be notified and they will be invited to move back in.

How many will choose to do so, remains an unanswered question.


Jeff Neumeyer

Jeff Neumeyer is a reporter for WPTA.

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