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Brother of shooting victim still waiting for answers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — The brother of a shooting victim says he still can’t believe his older brother is gone and just wants the violence to end.

It’s been just over one week since police found the body of Michael Lovett, Jr after he was gunned down outside his barbershop.

The spot where Lovett was killed has now been turned into a memorial adorned in flowers and messages. It is a place his younger brother, Darnell Lovett says he comes sometimes to just sit and remember the times he spent with his brother.

Darnell says his brother was loved by many in the neighborhood, who called him the nickname “champ”. He says he saw his brother as a father figure, someone he looked up to and admired.

“I won’t be able to have that connection of hugging my brother and letting my brother know how much I love him. I told him a few days prior but it still haunts me like I didn’t tell him enough,” Darnell said.

We also spoke to him about the mayor’s recent announcement that crime has gone down this year. He says that it’s nice to know, but doesn’t help with the fact that his brother is no longer around.

Police said last week they were hoping surveillance video could help identify the shooter. But so far no suspects have been named in this case.

Jacob Burbrink

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