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Golfer ‘okay’ after being grazed by bullet at Fort Wayne golf course

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – A Fort Wayne man is doing okay Sunday after his leg was grazed by a bullet on a Fort Wayne golf course.

Chad Voegeli says he was on the 17th hole on the Cherry Hill Golf course when he heard several loud pops, and then felt something strike his leg.

“We didn’t think anything about it until I got hit, then we ran away.” Voegeli says. “I thought it was a golf ball, being on the course. Or a bee. I had no idea what it was.”

But then Voegeli and his golfing buddies say they found a bullet on the green.

When he said he’d been shot. I said, ‘whatever.’ I thought he was pulling my leg,” says Voegeli’s golfing buddy Brian Gump.

Police arrived on the scene around 4 p.m. Sunday to make sure it was secure and interview Voegeli. Police have not confirmed to ABC21 who was firing the shots, but they believe the shooting was accidental. Officers cleared the scene and golfers were able to continue on the course.

Voegeli says, “I am just glad it wasn’t going straight at my leg right, I’m just happy to be okay.”

Luke Secaur

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