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Firefighters treat wound, finish job after teen injured mowing lawn

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — Going above and beyond. That’s what a Fort Wayne woman says firefighters did Sunday afternoon as she rushed her stepson to the emergency room.

It all started with this picture on Facebook. Firefighters mowing a lawn. But why?

“It was just a mess,” Tina Menkir said.

Tina Menkir says her stepson was mowing the lawn Sunday when suddenly she heard screams.

Her son’s fingers were caught in the mower.

“At first I thought I was dreaming,” Kirubel Ayalew said.

For Kirubel Ayalew, it was all a blur.

His sister, running across the street to alert firefighters. When firefighters arrived, they helped to control the bleeding so his family could take him to the emergency room.

That’s when the joke began. Who was going to finish the lawn? When Tina came home that evening it took her a minute to realize what had been done.

“I saw the mower sitting on the patio and I just thought well that was nice of them to bring the mower up,” Tina said. “Then it hit me that they actually mowed the backyard and then as I’m walking across the front yard I realized they did the front yard too.”

In a family’s time of need, when their thoughts were far away from this lawn, a crew of firefighters noticed a job they needed to finish.

“I can’t say thank you enough and I know I said it numerous times, and they said we didn’t do it for a thank you, they said we knew it needed done and your lawn boy is down for the count for a while,” Tina said.

As for Kirubel, he says it was a simple mistake while mowing that cost him at least one of his fingers. He reached in the mower as the blades were still spinning.

It is a mistake he says he doesn’t want anyone else to make.

“I would say just be careful and shut it off, it’s much better to restart it than lose fingers,” Kirubel said.

Kirubel is going to be okay. In fact, he’s out of the hospital as of Monday. He’s already gone through surgery to save one of his fingers and he’s planning to take it easy over the next few weeks.

Kayla Stewart

Kayla Stewart anchors ABC21 Morning News.

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