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‘Wrestling for Warriors’ event raises money for local ‘Make-A-Wish’ campaign

It was a fun night of wrestling at the Grand Wayne Center Saturday, but you didn’t have to be a fan of the WWE for the event to bring smiles. Wrestling for Warriors is a charity organization that uses wrestling to raise money for good causes. Their mission statement being: “fighting for those who fight daily.”

Christopher Holt of Payne, Ohio created the event after standing by his son Chase’s side during the boy’s 4-year battle with cancer. Before Chase passed away, he met several professional wrestlers. He told his dad that he wanted other kids battling cancer to have the chance to meet their wrestling idols and experience the same joy he felt.

“Because there’s a magic to pro wrestling that these kids get lost in,” Holt said. “It’s almost as if they forget about their illness. They just smile at these larger than life characters. It’s just something that the kids latch onto.

So Saturday’s proceeds went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Specifically, to the campaign for a local boy named Henry.

Holt said, “I know that Henry is a five year old little boy full of spunk and vinegar. I had a chance to meet with him last night. He’s an amazing kid, and he wants to go on a Disney cruise, and I’m gonna do everything I can to give that to him because I know firsthand what a Make a Wish trip does for a kid.”

Anthony Mayweather, who wrestles under the name Crimson, coordinates Tried-N-True Pro, which partnered with Wrestling for Warriors for the Event.

“We’re creating memories that will last a lifetime,” Mayweather said. “And then being able to donate proceeds back to the charities? It’s huge. It’s awesome.”

The event featured quite a few other wrestling stars, including WWE Hall-Of-Famer Billy Gunn.

Holt said their goal was to raise $6,500 for Henry by the end of the night.

Luke Secaur

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