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Fort Wayne restaurant condemned following stabbing investigation

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — An investigation into a weekend stabbing resulted in officials condemning Fort Wayne restaurant.

The Fort Wayne Police Department said the stabbing reportedly happened at Hobo’s Bar and Grill located in the 2700 block of West Jefferson Boulevard. 31-year-old Dominique Thomas sustained non-life threatening injuries in the stabbing.

While investigating the crime, officers went to the restaurant to see if there was evidence of a crime. The department said while there was an indication of a crime, they were met by uncooperative staff. They got a warrant and had to force their way into the establishment to execute the warrant.

The Fort Wayne Department of Health said they were called in by the Fort Wayne Police Department for observed food code violations.

The health inspector said they saw a beer cooler with active taps and canned beer at about 68 degrees. The inspector also saw a back-up in the kitchen near the grease trap. The department of health said there were also two large pots of grease sitting on the floor in front of the preparation line.

Neighborhood Code was invited to be present for the inspection. The department condemned the restaurant for multiple code violations including electrical violations, a blocked exit door and raw sewage on floor.

The restaurant will remain condemned until the owners hire a commercial contractor to fix the violations. Once fixed, the building department will need to approve the work. Neighborhood Code will then inspect the restaurant again before lifting the condemnation order.

The restaurant will still not be allowed to open until the owners have the grease trap professionally cleaned and emptied.

Jacob Burbrink

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