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ABC21 Follow Up: “Keeping Focused” Filmmaker Receives Eye Surgery

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – ABC21 followed up with Carl Wright, several weeks after our “Keeping Focused” special report.

In May, Wright shared with us the struggle with a rare eye disease he suffers from: Keratoconus.

The disease impacts the shape of his eye, which is an oval shape instead of being round.

Because of it, Wright’s eyes are more susceptible to injury.

That’s exactly what happened one day after Wright rubbed his irritated eye – he tore his cornea, and lost nearly all vision in his right eye.

Wright started a GoFundMe page, and offered his filmmaking skills highly discounted.

Moments after our story “Keeping Focused” aired, Wright raised enough money to assist in paying for a corneal transplant.

Wednesday, doctors operated on Wright, soon restoring vision to his right eye once again.

The filmmaker described the moments he received the notification, he could finally afford to pay for his eye surgery.

“I was sitting with my friends in the middle of this film shoot and I almost started crying,” Wright tells ABC21 over the phone, “Everybody started hugging me. They all said, ‘we told you we were going to get this surgery for you man’. It was such an insane moment for me. I was sitting there. I got the notification right after the story aired and then I was on the road to getting my eyesight back.”

Wright did say he is experiencing pain after the procedure, though doctors say its normal.

Healing time could be up to six months, before his right eyesight returns to full strength.

He plans to schedule another procedure as soon as he can, to improve vision in his left eye.

Daniel Beals

Daniel Beals is an award-winning journalist and photographer who started his career at ABC21. He is a Michigan native and graduate of Grand Valley State University. Daniel welcomes any story idea. Feel free to reach out:

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