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Company owner reacts after controversial “Ohio” candle makes national headlines

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – “Not much to see. Not Much to do. Welcome to Ohio, the unscented candle.”

Fort Wayne-based Simple Nature uses that description for “Ohio”, an unscented candle.

What started as a joke, quickly gained candlemaker Derek Taylor nationwide exposure, after a photographer snapped a picture of the controversial candle that soon went viral online.

An Ohio media outlet ran a story on the candle, claiming Ohioans were outraged.

But Friday, Taylor told ABC21, it was all in good fun.

“For the most part, everybody finds it funny. There’s some vocal few that have taken quite a bit of offense to it and have a bit of passion. For the most part a noticeable amount of orders have been going to Ohio the last few days,” Taylor explains, “It’s all in fun. I didn’t mean to insult anybody!”

Taylor launched Simple Nature in May 2018.

The former graphic designer picked up candlemaking as a stress-relieving hobby.

His passion turned from hobby, to full-time business that November.

With national attention the “Ohio” candle brought him this week, Taylor says orders for his candles have since exploded.

There isn’t an exact science for how the candlemaker develops a scent.

For the “Fort Wayne” candle, Taylor aimed to make it true to the Summit City.

“Fort Wayne is Apples, Maple and Bourbon. Apples, because of Johnny Appleseed. Maple to make it feel like home, and bourbon adds a kick to it. It’s a real nice mix.”

Simple Nature sells their candles at several locations in the midwest, including the Fort Wayne Farmer’s Market every Saturday.

As for why anybody would want an unscented candle?

Taylor says many customers came to him with the request.

Those who have allergies or sensitivity to scents, still want the aesthetic of a burning candle inside their home.

Daniel Beals

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