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Boy Scout to be awarded a medal so rare few know about it

DALLAS, Texas (WFAA/ABC) — Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is a big accomplishment for any Boy Scout but 13-year old Baxter Perry-Miller from Dallas is trying to do something even more special.

The Hornaday Silver Medal is the rarest medal in the Boy Scouts organization. It’s so rare that only 114 scouts have earned it since 1975.

The medal is awarded to any scout who completes four significant projects in environmental conservation.

Baxter designed a plan to place trash and recycling bins along a 4-mile trail. When it’s finished, Baxter will receive the Hornaday Badge, one step closer to the prized silver medal.

But, ultimately, his biggest goal is to get people to care about nature, to realize how each small choice can have a big impact.

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