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Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo welcomes new lynx cubs

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo has three new additions.

Zoo representatives announced on their Facebook page that their Canadian lynx Frisco gave birth to three cubs in May.

The lynx gave birth to a girl and two boys. The zoo named the girl cub Acadia and the boy cubs Nootka and Sekani.

It was not an easy start for Sekani, however. Zoo representatives say he was born with an abnormal foot. They say the tendons on his hind leg were contracted due to positioning in utero.

Sekani was eventually transferred to another AZA-accredited zoo, where he is continuing treatment and will serve as an ambassador for his species.

Zoo representatives say Frisco is one of the youngest female lynx to successfully breed and deliver healthy cubs. She and her mate Loki have been very attentive parents.

Frisco and the cubs will remain off exhibit while they adjust, but are expected to go public later this season.

Jacob Burbrink

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