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Man injured in overnight stabbing

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — A man was transported to the hospital in critical condition after a stabbing overnight.

George Alanstone, the victim’s father, tells ABC21 his son came home to the 2700 block of Sterling Street around 12:30 Thursday morning after shooting pool at a local pool hall. When he got home, there was another vehicle in the driveway.

A short time later, Alanstone said his son stumbled into the garage.

“He come stumbling in and said ‘dad, they got me,'” Alanstone said. “When you open up your garage door and see your son covered in blood and knife wounds in his neck and his head, what can you do.”

What Alanstone did, was take immediate action. He told us his Marine Corps training took over and he applied pressure until police could arrive. This is something police told Alanstone might have saved his son’s life.

The man was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. His condition has since upgraded to stable.

Police began a preliminary investigation and were able to determine some sort of altercation took place, leading the man to be stabbed. They are still trying to piece together the details, including who the suspects are and what led to the incident.

Anyone with information about the stabbing is being asked to call the police department.

Jacob Burbrink

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