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Not done with the rain

Showers have been passing through since the pre-dawn hours, even with a little bit of thunder, but these are winding down. Fog has been an issue as well though I do expect visibility to improve over the course of the morning. There is more rain coming, but we should be able to enjoy a small window of dry weather from mid-morning into the early afternoon. There won’t be a whole lot of sun and temperatures will rise to the upper-70s. Even without heat, you’ll definitely notice the humidity.

By mid-afternoon, new showers will pop up and that may come with a few storms as well. No severe threat, but an isolated strong storm may occur, bringing some small hail. A few showers will continue into tonight with a bit more rain possible tomorrow. Check out our coming forecasts on the airwaves to see when our next opportunity for a good sunny day will be.

Meteorologist Caleb Chevalier

Caleb Chevalier

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