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Hamilton lake makes life better in Steuben County

STEUBEN COUNTY, Ind. (WPTA21) — The northeast corner of Indiana has lakes dotted everywhere, but Hamilton Lake is truly special.

“More unique in the fact that you got a whole north end that’s not developed, which gives it a nice lake feel instead of something that’s got homes completely all the way around it,” Jeff Bireley, Owner of Water and Wheels said.

The water is, of course, the biggest draw of this town. Bireley tells us the lake activity usually peaks in August as people bring their boats, jet skis and wakeboards. Hamilton never feels crowded, though. It has that charm of a classic small midwest community.

“There’s a few restaurants on the water too, so you don’t just go to the water just to, you know, jump in and swim. You can also go out and take your family out to eat and have a good time,” Trey Scott, Sales Manager of AMC Marine Sales said.

Some of the restaurants actually have boat parking, so you can come right off the water and grab a meal. One of those restaurants is Laker’s Food and Spirits, famous for their wings. Make sure you check out their weekend menu.

“We have some steak specials on the weekends. We try to do something different every weekend. It’s never the same, so you know you’re going to be surprised when you get here,” Kim Tomei, Manager at Laker’s Food and Spirits said.

If you need a way to get out on the lake, Bireley’s shop can get you hooked up with boat rentals. Don’t forget to stop by AMC Marine Sales and Service to grab all the accessories you’ll need for your watercraft. Once you’ve experienced a day in Hamilton, you’ll know why people keep coming back.

“I think life is better in Hamilton because it’s a small community. There’s a great camaraderie of neighbor helping neighbor, and you just can’t get anything better than being on the lake,” Tomei said.

I think the rest of Hamilton would tell you the same thing. After all, they’re about to paint the words “Life’s Better in Hamilton” on their water tower.

There are so many gems in Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio that are just waiting to be experienced. Hit the road and see for yourself why life truly is better here in 21Country.

Caleb Chevalier

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