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HVAC technicians responding to hundreds of A/C calls for service

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — When it’s this hot, health experts warn it is important to stay hydrated and keep yourself as cool as possible, especially if you’re older.

We went along on a service call with an HVAC company to see why it’s important to maintain your air conditioner.

After a string of six days where temperatures have hit 90 degrees or higher, with a heat index a few degrees above that, HVAC technicians like Nathan Endsley are responding to as many calls a day as they can to repair or service air conditioners.

“We have an office full of people that just answer the phones on days like that, and they take 500, 600 calls a day,” the Home Comfort Experts technician says.

While this visit to Norm Grover’s home is for routine maintenance, it’s an important service call nonetheless.

Grover says his wife has to run the A/C even in the winter, so it’s essential for it to run properly.

“She has some medical problems, and it’s important she stays cool,” Grover says.

Endsley recommends scheduling maintenance twice a year on your A/C to help find potential problems that can be fixed before they become big ones.

“People always joke around, how come my air conditioner always breaks when it’s hot outside? Well, it’s because you’re using it,” Endsley says.

“It does make you feel more comfortable knowing somebody’s checking it, where i don’t do it as often and i sure don’t know what they know,” Grover says.

Endsley says an easy thing you can do to prolong the life of your air conditioner or furnace is to change its filter several times a year depending how dirty it gets.

“For air flow, because if you don’t have the proper air flow it can’t take the heat out of the house to do the proper job of cooling,” he says.

Otherwise, he says, your air conditioner can seize up inside, which would mean a big repair bill.

For routine maintenance calls like this one, he checks the electrical components to make sure they’re not ready to give out and also measures the levels of coolant.

He also thoroughly cleans out the unit to make sure air can flow freely and that animals didn’t nest in it over the winter and chew any wires.

And with mother nature letting us know that summer is really here, and your a/c probably running more than it has in months, it might be worth giving it a quick nce over before you have to call someone like endsley to fix it while you swelter — and put your health at risk — in the meantime.

City leaders tell us that cooling centers open when the heat index hits 100 degrees or more.

When that happens, we will let you know where and when you can find some relief from the heat.

Corinne Rose

Corinne Rose is a reporter for WPTA.

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