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Life’s Better Here in DeKalb County

DEKALB COUNTY, Ind. (WPTA21) — DeKalb County is full of a unique culture and quality of life. Those traits are on display in the quaint and welcoming town of Garrett.

Founded along the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the town’s locomotive history continues to chug on. Though, what’s most special about Garrett is the community.

“The people are fantastic people. They are some of the best people I’ve met in my life anywhere,” said Garret Mayor Todd Fiandt. “They’re really something.”

Charming downtown Garrett is peppered with shops and restaurants. Popping into Cup of Blessing coffee shop feels like sitting down with family.

Larry Getts, board member of the Greater Garrett organization, said he feels the familial support across the Garrett community.

“It’s very unique and it’s hard to describe if you’re not from here,” Getts said. “If you’re down on your luck and are having some struggles, the whole community will gather behind you and have your back. It’s just very unique.”

Events throughout the summer bring the people of Garrett even closer together.

Garrett is home to the only public outdoor pool in DeKalb County. In July, the pool will host a “dive-in” family movie night where kids and adults alike can watch the movie “Aquaman” while swimming and floating under the stars.

Mondays during the summer are food truck Mondays. Hundreds of people gather each week at the local high school to share a bite.

Add in Heritage Days over the Fourth of July holiday, and Garrett is a great destination for family friendly fun.

Just east of Garrett there’s even more good times to be had in DeKalb County.

The town of Auburn claims to be the antique car capital of America. Just a few moments of spotting flashy and colorful cars of decades past drive around the downtown square proves that title.

Downtown Auburn has so much to offer from shopping, dining and too many summer activities to count.

Long time Auburn resident and Carbaugh Jewelers associate Jan Bundy, said the summer in Auburn is full of exciting things to do.

“We have monthly cruise-ins. Along with Auburn Main Street we have First Fridays. They’re also painting a mural a couple blocks from here.” Bundy said. “There’s always so much going on. So many things for people to walk around and see.”

But on top of the summertime activities, Auburn offers something more. A sense of family and pride can be felt from all around, especially from the people. Bundy’s roots in Auburn are her family history.

“When we moved here, I was young and my parents owned a business. I now work at that business,” Bundy said. “I wouldn’t move for anything. I just love being in Auburn.”

Take a ride to Auburn and Garrett this summer and see why Life’s Better in DeKalb County.

To learn more about all that is happening in Auburn, Garrett and DeKalb County this summer, visit:

Nikki Pietrus

Nikki Pietrus is the Morning Meteorologist at Fort Wayne’s NBC News.

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