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State Police investigating disturbance at Three Rivers Festival involving Allen County Sheriff

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — Fort Wayne police wrote an incident report detailing claims that Allen County Sheriff David Gladieux was involved in a disturbance at the Three Rivers Festival Tuesday night at about 11 o’clock.

Police said the investigation was turned over to the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor’s office would not release the incident report or comment on it, saying it was part of an ongoing investigation.

However, multiple sources have told us the incident involved a locked area near temporary bathrooms where Gladieux allegedly pushed a teenage festival volunteer, who reportedly fell into something metal and sustained minor injuries.

Sheriff Gladieux was out of town at pre-arranged meetings in Indianapolis all day and wasn’t available for comment.

We’re told he said he has not been contacted by any investigators.

We have confirmed that the prosecutor’s office asked the Indiana State Police to investigate what happened.

State police confirm an officer from outside the district would meet with the prosecutor to begin that investigation.

“There are many situations that require a full investigation such as this, talk to individuals who were present when the alleged occurrance happened, what might have transpired,” Steve Shine says.

Shine, the chairman of the Allen County Republican Party, told us he had not yet spoken with Sheriff Gladieux, who was re-elected last year, but cautioned jumping to any conclusions.

“In all situations like this, when judgment is being asked to be rendered, that we need to have a full and complete investigation and hear from everybody who was involved,” Shine says.

The executive director of the Three Rivers Festival declined to comment.

Corinne Rose reported this story.

Jacob Burbrink

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