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FREMONT, IND. (WPTA21)-You know before you step inside his studio that Greg Summers creates some wild stuff.

I’m not a trained artist,” he says, “so I just, I kinda fumble through.”

Fumble through isn’t a phrase anyone would use to describe what Greg Summer’s does. For fifteen years the retired industrial arts teacher has hammered, welded, cut, beaten and shaped chunks of metal into stunningly sculpted creatures from the sea…beautifully finished fins, sublime scales and all those other parts that make up a fish.

I would say it’s a half time job,” he says, “which is great after you’ve retired and you can still have something to do.”

Greg began sculpting as a hobby and would have left it there until that day about ten years ago.

I had a friend that had a gallery in town,” he explains, “and she just happened to see some of them and she said ‘I can sell those for you.’ I gave it a shot and they sold.”

Instantly Greg was sold on his new career. He started a business, Fishmonger Art, and has since sold hundreds of pieces to buyers all around the country eager for a Greg Summers fish on their wall. The detail, the color, the personality of each piece is unmistakable and makes any space they inhabit its own little waterworld

They buy it because they like it,” he says, “and that is a good feeling to know that what you’re doing is appreciated.”

Greg has branched out in recent years applying his talent to other forms and creatures. The yard around the artist’s Fremont home is populated with flora and fauna that sprang from the artist’s mind and shaped by his hands. His latest piece is what appears to be an immense armed frog soldier guarding some watery citadel…the thing must weigh a ton. But it’s a clue to the direction this talented senior may be heading, into the realm of imagination and fantasy with who knows what waiting around the corner.

It’ just adds so much intrigue to your life,” he says. “I’m not focused on what I’m gonna do what particular piece a year from now I do the one I’m working on and then for some reason there’s always another one. It’s nice to have people wanting the things that you’re doing.

Eric Olson reporting out in 21 Country.

Eric Olson

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