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Court documents reveal more details about carjacking that led to K-9 Cas’ death

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. (WPTA21) — We are learning more information about the events that led up to a Whitley County Sheriff’s Department K9’s death.

The suspect in the case, Clarence Shearer, faces multiple preliminary charges in Marshall County. These include Attempted Armed Robbery, Attempted Auto Theft, Armed Robbery, Auto Theft, Theft and Unlawful Possession of a firearm by a Serious Violent Felon.

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The charges stem from a series of events on July 10 that would eventually lead to K9 Cas’ death.

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The events began when Clarence’s brother Avory told police that Clarence picked him up in a vehicle stolen out of Chicago. They were heading to Fort Wayne when the stolen vehicle got a flat tire just north of an urgent care center in Plymouth.

Avory told police that Clarence got out of the vehicle, saying he would be right back.

A man sitting in the parking lot of that urgent care center waiting for his wife to finish a doctor’s appointment told police that a man, later identified as Clarence, opened his door.

The man told police that Clarence pointed a handgun at him, demanding his car saying “I ain’t gonna shoot you” numerous times. The man told Shearer to go ahead and shoot him.

Instead of shooting the man, the documents detail how Clarence went to another car, where a man was leaving after getting stitches. The man told police that Clarence asked for a light. When the man unlocked his car to get a lighter, he says Clarence pointed a gun at him, demanding his keys.

The documents detail how Clarence got into the car but had to ask the victim to instruct him how to use it because he was unfamiliar with its system. He was eventually able to figure it out and took off in the black car.

Avory told police that Clarence pulled up in a black car, honking his horn and telling him to get in. They headed out on US 30, but it wasn’t long until they noticed a police car with its lights activated behind them.

The documents detail how Clarence pulled over, telling his brother to grab the gun and get out before taking off. Avory was taken into custody shortly afterward.

Clarence was taken into custody in Whitley County after the crash that killed K9 Cass. He was transported to a Fort Wayne hospital for treatment, and taken into custody for an Allen County parole violation.

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The Whitley County prosecutor says he is still waiting for results from a toxicology test before filing any charges against Clarence.

Jacob Burbrink

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