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Charge dropped against kid in dodgeball incident

DETROIT, Mich. (WDIV/CNN) — Charges have been dropped against a Michigan honor roll student who was charged with assault after a game of dodgeball.

The boy’s mother hired a high profile attorney and says she’s still considering her options.

Cameishi Lindley is deeply distressed. Her 10-year-old son Bryce was charged with assault over a schoolyard game at his canton elementary school.

“I was upset that he was the only child who was playing the game that ended up with discipline,”

Bryce was playing a game of modified dodgeball at recess and threw a ball at a classmate, hitting him in the face. The classmate got a concussion.

“Turns out the victim had some type of disorder that made him especially susceptible to a facial or head injury,” Maurice Davis, an attorney said.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office decided to charge Bryce as a juvenile. He’s an honor roll student and his case garnered national attention. Then the charge was dropped.

“I mean, I just … I’m just I’m shocked and I’m disappointed. I feel like the system has really failed us,” Cameishi said.

So Cameishi is fighting back, hiring a high profile attorney and continuing to share Bryce’s story.

“until the day that God calls him home, this will be the little 10-year-old black child in Canton, Michigan that was charged for playing a game,” Cameishi said.

And for that reason alone, Cameishi plans to take Bryce’s case further.

The school district says the situation was handled in accordance with its policies, but can’t comment on how criminal charges against the boy came about.


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