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Woman who crashed into liquor store facing multiple charges

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WPTA21) — The woman who police say crashed into a Fort Wayne liquor store, seriously injuring a worker, faces multiple preliminary charges including operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

ABC21 previously reported the crash happened at the Belmont Beverage on Tillman Road around 9:40 pm Wednesday. One person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

The court document alleges Mona McCoy was behind the wheel of the vehicle that ended up inside the establishment. It says she drove off the roadway, through a parking lot and into the building.

Kimberly Lauer, who was working inside the store at the time of the crash, was seriously injured. A fellow employee reports she is making progress, but had several surgeries already and may need more treatment.

The officer who filed the document says McCoy was swaying when he was talking with her, falling over when walking or turning.  He reports she had alcohol on her breath and alcohol stains on her shirt.

Police brought McCoy to the police station where the document states she told them she was heading to the store to buy some wine, and regrets leaving home.

“I just pressed the brakes and the vehicle just kept revving. revving right into the building. don’t know what happened. think my brakes failed,” McCoy is quoted as saying in the court document. “I knew I should have just stayed home. You know how sometimes you just need a bottle of wine at the end of the night? That’s what I was gonna get.”

McCoy was preliminarily charged with causing serious bodily injury while operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating while intoxicated endangering a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and operating whith expired plates.

During her initial hearing Thursday she was ordered to be held for 72 hours and her driving privileges suspended. She has a hearing set for Tuesday for a motion to be released on own recognizance.

The store, which was boarded up after the crash, has since reopened. We are speaking with the store’s manager and will have an update at 5 pm.

Jacob Burbrink

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