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Neighborhood Mom

FORT WAYNE, IND. (WPTA21)-It’s another day at ‘Little Shop of Laura’s’ on Broadway.

It’s more of an experience than a ‘go buy something’,” says store owner Laura Hancock. “It’s just really an outreach kind of and a gathering place.”

Like most days you’ll find owner Laura Hancock sorting through clothes, rearranging displays, keeping the place organized.

I have something for everyone,” she says. “Shoes, books, clothes, art, dishes. It just keeps growing.”

Laura’s store is packed with consignments, knickknacks, old records, puzzles and toys. And there are plenty of bargains here especially in vintage clothing, one of Laura’s specialties. But there’s more to this store than just stuff. ‘Little Shop of Laura’s’ sits near the corner of Broadway and Taylor, historically what’s been called a rough neighborhood. Through her store Laura has reached out to this community, gives away clothes and books to anyone in need who can’t pay. And she’s made a lot of friends since opening six years ago.

I feel like I can help people and I didn’t come here with that intention,” she says. “I came here to be a shop and just changed and it just kept growing.”

Laura’s store is the kind of place where you think ‘if I can’t find it here I don’t need it!’ She even encourages local artists to hang their artwork, no charge, just to show it and maybe make a little money selling. Just another favor she does for the folks in her community. There’s a thing called karma where the good or bad you do comes back on you. And no one we know has more good karma coming her way than this business woman with a heart as big as her inventory because her little store, against all odds, is prospering.

I just couldn’t figure it out and can’t figure it out so I stopped trying to figure it out,” she says, “and I just go with the flow. I love coming to work I love being here. I love my job!”

Eric Olson reporting for Your Story Made Here.

Eric Olson

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