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Awning covers recalled after man dies in fall

(WPTA21) — Awning covers used with several retractable awnings are being recalled due to impact and fall hazards that have claimed the life of one man and injured six other people.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the recall involves soft vinyl awning covers used with SunSetter® Motorized, Motorized XL, Motorized PRO, Motorized PROXL, and Oasis Freestanding Motorized Retractable Awnings.

The recalled covers were distributed by SunSetter from June 1999 to January 2019 and supplied with bungee tie-downs.

The recall was initiated because if a powered awning is activated while the cover is secured with bungee tie-downs when the cover is removed, the awning can open unexpectedly with enough force to strike a consumer standing in the awning’s path, causing them to fall and suffer death or serious injury.

So far, SunSetter received 14 reports of incidents, including 1 death and 6 injuries. A 73-year-old man died after falling from a ladder and over a balcony when a motorized awning opened unexpectedly and struck him while he was removing the cover’s bungee tie-downs.

Anyone with the covers should not attempt to install them or remove them until receiving instructions from SunSetter. They should contact the business for free breakaway safety clips to replace the bungee tie-downs along with instructions for the clips and how to safely remove any installed tie-downs.

Anyone with questions should contact SunSetter toll-free at 844-313-0144 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET daily, online at, or by email at

Jacob Burbrink

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