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Good Dog

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ALBION, IND. (WPTA21)-“I’ve grown up working dogs all my life,” says dog trainer Bob Knipper. “I’ve always had a passion for dogs and a passion for the outdoors.”

It’s another day, another dog at the Boberosa Kennel outside Albion. Owner Bob Knipper trains hunting dogs here. Today he loads up the days students and grabs a few pigeons from the aviary.

And dogs like people they all train a little different,” Bob says. “You can put a little pressure on some faster than others.”

Bob bought fifty acres of woods and farmland in Noble County 12 years ago and built the kennel. And though he’s a heating and air conditioning technician by trade his heart is always back at the kennel and with the dogs.

I worked all through high school couldn’t play sports I was saving money for college,” he says. “And dogs and puppies they were my release they were who I spent my time with.”

With his love for hunting and dogs training the animals to flush out and retrieve birds on a hunt was a natural. Bob uses a whistle and a library of verbal commands to tell the dogs when to sit, when to crisscross a field to flush out birds and when to retrieve a bird after it’s shot. He says lots of amateurs try to train dogs but experience is the key to making a good hunter.

Anybody can read a book and take a dog out and do it like the book says,” he says. “But if you don’t recognize the tactics needed to get the dog to respond then you’re gonna be in trouble.”

Bob charges up to five thousand dollars to train a hunting dog and he’s earned a national reputation for results. Wife Kristy is part of the business, grooms pets with the help of the grandkids. But teaching man’s best friend to do what it naturally loves to do and do it well…that’s what Bob Knipper lives for.

Even my buddies say ‘you know it’s the same repeat process every time doesn’t that get boring to you?’ I say no every time I do it it it feels like I’m doing it brand new. ‘How much longer you gonna do this?’ Oh, until I drop.”

Eric Olson

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