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BLUFFTON, IND. (WPTA21)-It’s one of Bluffton, Indiana’s newest businesses and still finding its legs. Bobbi Shane opened Fields of Grace Floral Boutique just one year ago.

I was all self taught,” she says. “Pretty much it’s just ‘Oh, this looks pretty’ and arranging it like that.”

Bobbi was a hair dresser two years ago when she created all the floral displays for her grandfather’s funeral. The mourners took notice.

When they approached me asked did you have a flower shop I said ‘no’, she explains. “They said ‘well do you want to?’ I’m like maybe. So it just kind of blossomed from there.”

Besides lovey floral arrangements Bobbi’s shop offers unique gifts and cards, a bereavement selection and a succulent bar. Customers choose the cacti they want and Lori Johnson creates a one-of-a-kind arrangement for them. The atmosphere in the shop is warm and inviting and while Fields of Grace is a Faith based business unlike some in the news recently every customer who walks through the door is welcome, no matter their religious affiliation or anything else.

So at my warehouse there are gay men that work there and they’re amazing and they help me,” she says. “I can call and say their names and I just know that they’re gonna be there to help. I can’t judge them for that I shouldn’t judge them for that and they’re great people.”

Bobbi says she’d like to add more full time employees and some day a floral truck, like a food truck that sells flowers. Some fresh thinking for a brand new business woman.

And I never dread coming to work, ever,” she says. “Like I walk in and I just look around I’m like ‘this is mine’. You know?”

Eric Olson reporting for Your Story Made Here.

Eric Olson

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