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Fort Wayne electric scooters set to launch Friday afternoon

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — The electric scooters coming to Fort Wayne are set to hit the streets Friday.

City of Fort Wayne representatives say VeoRide will launch the first of its e-scooters in downtown Fort Wayne and surrounding neighborhoods Friday. The first scooters are set to launch around noon.

ABC21 previously spoke with an official from VeoRide about how the service works.

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People can rent bikes or scooters from the company through a mobile app, paying an initial charge plus an amount per mile traveled. When you’re done, they have you take a photo to make sure you’re parked properly.

The app will also be able to tell if you are riding somewhere the city doesn’t want you to.

“We will be implementing no-ride zones, so if the user does enter into that no-ride zone with a scooter on, the scooter will deactivate. The user will then have to walk that scooter back into the ride zone in order to keep riding,” Ben Thomas from Veoride said.

While the official rates have not been released, the VeoRide app shows $1 to unlock a scooter, with $0.15 charge per minute. The app shows $0.05 per minute for a pedal bike.

This is a pilot program with the city. If the city decides it’s not beneficial to the public it will remove the service.

Jacob Burbrink

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