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BMX riders support friend who passed away

FORT WAYNE, Ind (WPTA21)- At Fort Wayne BMX Saturday, riders came out to support a rider who passed away in a BMX accident.

Carson Stoffel passed away in June. His parents Jacob Stoffel and Krista Rohrabaugh said that biking meant a lot to him.

“Biking was his life, anything to do with biking he wanted to be here everyday, ride as much as he could,” Rohrabaugh said.

Carson’s parents started a foundation for their son to help other riders like him.

“Help out the local tracks to get safety equipment and people trained because like anything else when a bad accident happens its mass chaos, we just need a few trained people that know their job and what to do and it will just help things run smoother,” Stoffel said.

Carson’s friends were able to race, eat concessions and enjoy each other’s company at the event.  Wyatt Clark, a good friend of Carson, said they loved being able to support his friend.

“He’s just like a fellow BMX’er, the day before he passed I sat with him in a tent and ate dinner with him, just come and support him because I think that’s what he’d want.” Clark said.

Another friend, Elijah Mann said he would have been humbled to see all of this support.

“We were all pretty close with him, it’s really cool to be able to represent him out here, I think he would like to see something like this,” Mann said.

They all said sharing fond memories and doing the sport they love help them keep Carson’s spirit alive.



Arielle Cadet

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