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‘I’m the sheriff, move out of my way.’ Court documents details altercation at Three Rivers Festival

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Newly-released court documents are providing additional insight into the incident that resulted in Allen County Sheriff David Gladieux being charged with battery.

ABC21 previously reported that Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings filed a misdemeanor battery charge against Gladieux.

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Now, court documents are detailing the events that led up to the alleged battery.

In a probable cause affidavit released Thursday confirms the altercation took place on July 16 during the Three Rivers Festival.

The victim told police he was working as a volunteer in the “Hospitality/VIP” area of the festival at Headwaters Park. Before 10:30 p.m., the victim said the portable restrooms were closed.  A temporary fence gate was put up, blocking access and stating the area was closed.

The documents state the victim saw the fence was moved and someone accessed the area. He saw a man, later identified as David Gladieux, exiting the portable restrooms.

The victim told police that he did not recognize the man, so he asked if he could see the man’s VIP badge. In response, the document states the man responded saying, “I’m the sheriff, move out of my way.”

What happened next differs depending on what statement you read.

The victim says he reached and asked to see the badge, which he says Gladieux briefly flashed. He says Gladieux released the badge and pushed him, causing him to fall on his back against the temporary fence.

Gladieux says the victim had no visible identification as a volunteer. He says the victim continually questioned him and put his hands on Gladieux’s chest to try to stop him from leaving the area.

The document states Gladieux says he kept walking and swept his arms, hitting the victim’s hands and arms. He says the victim then fell backward over the temporary fence.

The document states Gladieux continued out of the area, returning to his friends by the concert venue.

Gladieux was charged with misdemeanor battery. Gladieux and his attorney to resolve the case through a pretrial deferral program.

After meeting the requirements, Gladieux’s lawyer says the charge will be dismissed.

Jacob Burbrink

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